Initial Install / Site Can't Be Reached


I downloaded the Windows 64 installation and fired it up. Clicked Start Installation, and then "Open DVR Settings". At that point, I am getting:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

I checked my port forwarding, and that's all set, and I made sure there were no other programs trying to access that port.

However, I am noticing that there is no "d:\ProgramData\ChannelsDVR" folder being created, so I am wondering if maybe the program is just not installing correctly.

Please note that my system drive is "d" not "c".


Ha, just as a follow-up to my own post. I re-partitioned a chunk of one of my drives into a "C" drive, ran the install again, and it completed successfully this time. Seems like the install program in now respecting the system drive if it is not a "C" drive.


Ah I think we are assuming c: drive

I can check to see if that's fixable but for now your workaround is the best solution