Install channels dvr on more than 1 pc

is it possible to install the channels dvr are more than 1 pc so that way you can run more than 1 instance and have seperate sourcing or to just be able to record say 6-10 shows at any given time but 1 pc may not be able to support that many recordings at the same time, kind of like how plex allows. I'm sorry but i'm new to channels and wanted to try it out but i'm not sure if it will work for my case. Thanks in advance.

Yes you can do that if you want. But DVRs will be completely separate, and the app can only connect to one at a time.

Probably you can record 10 shows with one instance without problems.

This is true. There is one time I saw my DVR was recording 11 different channels at the same time without breaking a sweat.

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Curious, what's your DVR running on?

I think the capacity depends upon the hardware you have the Channels-DVR server running on. If you're running on a low-end Synology or QNAP NAS device, your capacity will be less than running a PC or Mac with Solid State Drives.

PC that I bought specifically to use as a server for Channels DVR, PLEX, and Home Assistant.


It came preinstalled with Windows 10 and some time at the end of last year I decided to update it to Windows 11. It's been working great, no complaints.

I also use it for video editing on occasion. In cases where commercial detection on some recordings is not that great, I manually edit the recordings to remove the ads from the videos. Then I put the clean videos in PLEX and that also gets picked up by Channels DVR. Best of both worlds. :smiley:

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