Install channels DVR on Terramaster NAS

Terramaster F2-220 is a value alternative to QNAP 251 and Synology DS 216+ with Celeron 2.4 Ghz processor plus 2 Gb ram. Seems a suitable hardware alternative NAS. Question is, how to install Channels DVR on this device. Suggestions?

There is no manual install. The app needs to be submitted to the manufacturer to be included in a possible future software update.

Synology and QNAP have secure user interfaces that allow users freedom to install apps and take advantage of all of the processor features. That is partly why they cost a little bit more.

See TerraMaster NAS (running TOS3)

I have the Terramaster F5-221 (running TOS4) with channels DVR running fine using your instructions as above ie TerraMaster NAS (running TOS3). Just needed to stop and start the app to update the guide database. Was just about to swap out TOS with Ubuntu when I found this.