Installing Channels DVR on seedbox without root access

I use a seedbox for plex and am wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to install Channels DVR on to the seedbox without using sudo commands as there's no root access. Anyone have any suggestions or if it's possible? Please let me know!!! Thanks in advance!

What is seed box?

It's a VPS. is who I'm using. I run both Plex and Emby off of it.

Any ideas or help would be awesome!!!

If you run the Channels DVR setup command, by the time it asks for the root password, the software is already downloaded and ready to use. Root is only needed to set it up as a service. But you should be able to just run it.

cd channels-dvr && ./latest/channels-dvr

You probably want to run it in a screen session. The web GUI should then be available on port 8089. You'll need to install chromium for TVE.

It may not work though. TVE providers might be blocking IP addresses for VPS providers.


Seedbox = cloud compute resource usually at a shady hosting company linked to various long term cloud storage accounts used in violation of their TOS and exploiting storage limit loopholes. Setup is used to torrent and store and stream illegal content you’d rather not transfer, process and store in your own home / over your own ISP.

Did you ever get this figured out? I’m also using Whatbox, and am interested in trying out Channels.

Not sure if this is of any help, but I would it while browsing for something else:

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