Installing Docker For Windows 10 Home

Has anyone had success installing docker on Windows 10 Home edition?
I've tried many things, but can't get it to work. I guess Windows 10 Home edition doesn't support virtualization, so I've tried workarounds for that, but not luck.

Docker requires WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux v2), which additionally requires Hyper-V.

Check your "Additional Program Features" (or whatever they call it within Windows now) to see if you can add/enable those two needed features.

I used to do that, but keeping virtualization working through Windows upgrades became so much hassle I finally just got the Windows Pro upgrade. It was worth it to not wonder day to day if my Docker stuff was going to be working.

That said, Docker on Windows is not awesome for DVR usage. The big problem is that mapping to storage space outside the container is flaky on good days. I still use it, but from time to time the Docker container just can't write properly to my hard drive and I lose things.

I finally got it working. Found out I could update for free to Windows 10 pro. Took a bit to figure out to get everything running, but now docker is running and I can see all of the Pluto tv channels.