Integrate Pluto TV into Channels


I recently had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Jon Maddox where he mentioned that Channels DVR now has the capability to incorporate Pluto channels and record them.
( at 7:52 mark )
As a customer of a couple of years, I was surprised by this feature as I've not been able to locate the option for pulling in Pluto channels in the main settings page. Similarly, I was unable to find any references or guidance regarding Pluto on the support page.

I'm wondering if I've been overlooking this significant feature all this time. Could you kindly guide me on the steps I need to take to access Pluto channels via Channels DVR? I would greatly appreciate any assistance or direction on this matter.

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you are comfortable with Docker and would like to use it, see:

Otherwise, another option without Docker:

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I been using the nocord m3u method for some time now. For Pluto and Samsung tv. Works well.
Only negative, not sure if this the same on the Docker method side, but Guide data is only 6 hrs, sometimes 12hr out.


Pluto and Stirr....

yes, it is the same on the Docker method side.

In my experience, the method is easier, requires no setup or resources, and just works...

not using docker, just using m3u playlists, but my m3u for both pluto and stirr that I have used for a very long time no longer work

does anyone know why, or, are there newer ones I should use?

thank you very much!

What is the trailing "?cb=wase4711" part for? You can remove that part and it will still work. It does for me.

Here is the thread that discusses the method, which is working fine for many. Graciously created by @HankLloydRight:

thank you so much, that worked for me!! :smiley:

Using “?cb=” is usually used for “cache busting” to make sure you get a fresh copy of a page.

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