Pluto for Channels

So, now that we support adding Custom Channels via M3U, as mentioned above, here's a nice little tool to get you a Channels optimized Pluto M3U playlist that uses our extended tags to make things look great in Channels.

You can read more here:

Custom Channels docs:


I've added the playlist m3u from the docker and the channel list is populated. How do I add the epg.xml as the program guide source?


Click the gear icon then select Guide Data > Set Provider

I found it under (Location)/Custom URL. Thanks!

Is there a way to update a couple new channels that currently just show the "Pluto TV" logo in the big image, but the right channel image in the guide?


Just Installed your docker on my Synology works great Thanks for creating it.

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Do you have any idea of how to get the Closed Captions with Pluto? The Pluto app provides Closed Captions, so there must be a different stream or a perhaps a parameter to get the captions activated?

Can anyone assist running this docker on unraid? I have it installed on my unraid box but i am not sure how to map the port properly.

I figured this out. If anyone else is looking for an answer you just have to add the port to the unraid container and it works perfect!

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I set up Docker and got your container for Pluto to Channel working. it works fine when I stream from the web interface of the channels server, but when using my iphone or AppleTV I get “Tuner not available”.

I did have to change it to use port 8181 as 8080 was already in use.

Any ideas on how to resolve that?

Disclaimer: I don't know jack about Pluto TV. But I got it up and running, and it seems cool. I'm watching Robotech on the Classic Toons TV channel right now!

So here is my dumb question: Is there a guide that shows what shows are at what time? My guide just shows the name of the channel across every time slot. I'm guessing I missed something in the config!

Yes you have to add a guide source as xml tv and put in the path to your guide file. If you’re using the docker the channels team has provided it will create both the .m3u and .xml files for you.

Overnight I started to see these errors in the channels DVR log for the PlutoTV tv source. The guide data is not updating.

2020/12/12 06:01:45.880073 [ERR] Failed to download xmltv: xmltv unexpected ctype: text/xml

Docker image is running

How do I get the url or M3u for Pluto and Others?

I am using the docker image @maddox created. It’s been working great ever since I installed. But this morning I woke up to this error. I have checked the web page of the docker image and it is generating what appears to be valid Channel listings and EPG guide for PlutoTV. But it seems channels can’t read the EPG data. I don’t get an error when it reads the channel data.

this is Linux, anything for Windows?

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the docker image how do I get that, would i need to use linux?

You can find it here. Don’t need Linux.

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Same ctype error here....arrived with the 2020.12.12.0204 DVR update. Fixed by rolling back the DVR to the 12.11 build.

For some reason I can’t get the guide to display using @maddox docker container. The m3u loads but selecting the epg doesn’t load anything