Integration with tvOS TV app?


Any chance Channels content will ever integrate with the native Apple TV app?

Would be super cool as then all my content (HBO, Showtime, Amazon, Netflix, Channels) could be accessed from one place!


We would love to do this, but there are no APIs available for us to be able to. TV app integration is only available to select Apple partners they pick.


How long until Apple just buys you guys and integrates Channels into their TV app? :grinning: I ask only half-jokingly. Apple definitely has big plans for their TV app as the central hub for viewers. They just today apparently integrated PS Vue with it and we know that they’re doing the same thing with certain cable TV services, including Charter Spectrum TV here in the US. They’re apparently going to begin selling directly integrated a la carte subscriptions (HBO, Showtime, etc.) soon, much like the Amazon Channels initiative. And with Amazon now rolling out their own Recast OTA DVR that integrates into the native Fire TV UI, perhaps Apple will want to allow for something similar with all those HDHomeRun tuners floating around out there…


Interesting! I didn’t know that integration was invite-only. Yeah, I saw the news about PSVue integration and wondered about Channels ;-).

Keep up the good work though - absolutely love Channels!


Has there been any change? Apparently with Apple's TV+ announcement, their integrating even more services into the TV app.