Integration with YouTube TV


As Channels DVR cannot record DRM cable channels the only current option for integration of cable channels with Channels DVR is SD Premium TV. May I ask why not integrate with a streaming service such as YouTubeTV? OTA channels would still be recorded locally where as YouTubeTV channels would be recorded in the cloud as as they normally do. Is something like this possible with Channels DVR? How is FitzyTV able to do it?

Sling AirTV and Channels

Looking through their incredibly uninformative website, it looks like they allow OTT providers to distribute through their system. So, if YouTube TV is available through this service, it looks like Google has enabled access on their end, not anything they are doing.


If integration with their system why not also with Channels DVR?


Considering how difficult it was to find any real information, I'm personally inclined to believe that their support of YouTubeTV is less than on the up and up ...


FitzTV works by using the individual credentials to the cable channels via tveverywhere. Not every channel provides this access.


If there is no theft of service and you are entering credentials for the service you pay for why can't something similar be integrated into Channels DVR?


Good question. Fair use laws should allow recording of tvanywherenow broadcasts.

Lets say you have an hdhomerun for local OTA channels and a Philo account, all integrated via Channels DVR. Or maybe even record shows from Locast? Being able to keep recordings local would be huge.

FitzyTV does offer an API for accessing their recordings but I'd rather pay Channels for their great app instead of a cloud based DVR offering.

Ultimately, an alternative to HD Premium TV would be ideal as that service has been completely unreliable and has an unknown future.


Hdhomerun grants explicit permission and an official third-party api for accessing its content. None of the other providers do this, and according to their terms you are only allowed to access their content using their apps.

We don't have the resources to reverse-engineer every mvpd's api, and even if we did they could change it at any time and break everything. I have tried fitzytv on xfinity and cox and I could never get it to work for me.


Thanks tmm1. What about integration with something like Locast? There is a Kodi add-on which I don't believe violates any TOS so I don't believe that would require any reverse engineering. Not sure why you couldn't get it it work but I had no issues getting Fitzy to work with cable company although not xfinity. Somehow they are integrating TVeverywhere subscription into Android TV Live Channels app. Whether they have permission to do so is a good question although access to TVeverywhere channels doesn't require a dedicated app as subscribed channels can be viewed via web browser.

Just so there is no confusion, I am not in anyway advocating TOS as viewing TVeverywhere content requires a valid cable subscription.