Intel Arc GPU Support

Hi, Does Channels support Intel Arc GPUs (i.e. A380) for transcoding. Thank you.

based on what real world tests i have seen major tech channels do, Arc this first gen line, is only good at AV1 encoding/decoding and for streaming games. Nothing in the OTA or TVE industry uses AV1. I have seen some Plex users try to use Arc gpu for transcoding, but overall very mixed results, mostly negative, since it is software developers that have to do work and make their applications support yet another hardware platform. At this time, this is 100% early adopter, beta test stage of product releases. Not many are keen to dedicate money and resources to support Arc as of yet. IMO, Arc support is a steep up hill climb, and will be very slow to become worth anyones time and money.

I appreciate your viewpoint, but I'm still trying to determine if the Channels software can utilize an Intel arc GPU for transcoding.

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A/V handling is generally done through Ffmpeg and the associated avcodec libraries. I know that Aman is a regular contributor to those projects, so if you want to see how development is going and what is actually being supported or worked on, you can actually track progress first-hand.

As far as playback and display, Channels uses MPV (of which the developers also support and contribute to). Think of is as a two-pronged attack: Ffmpeg/avcodec for the backend, and MPV for the frontend.

Both are open source projects, and you are free to check them out.

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Not currently supported but it looks like it's something we may be able to add.

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Actually it looks like it will require changes to the Linux kernel driver which may not arrive until 6.1 or later.

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Thank you so much. That would be appreciated.

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Hey, is it worth?
I have to purchase a laptop for gaming purpose that's why I'm finding updated features.
Can anyone suggest me?

Hi Stella,
You didn't mention your budget. What kind of game you are playing?
I have Yoga 7i and I usually play these games The Artful Escape, Antichamber. If your budget is little up, you can buy a laptop with great features. You will look at some of the best laptops on the market that feature an Intel ARC GPU. An Intel ARC GPU is a powerful graphics processor that provides enhanced visuals and performance for gaming and other applications. It's also great for productivity, as it can handle complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

Intel ARC GPUs work fairly well for DX12 games, although there are still quirks which might be fixed with driver updates, but no guarantees. Older DirectX games are not directly supported and must be emulated which leads to a performance hit.

Why the heavy marketing speak in your last two sentences? Did you copy and paste that from somewhere?

ChatGPT, perchance? :thinking: