Intel nuc build

Hi guys. I just ordered hardware for an Intel nuc build. And I was wondering if you have any advice for me of how I should go about setting up a channels DVR server. Don't know if I should use Linux or free nas or something else. Any recommendations would be great! I am a previous user of channels and I am coming back to it. I previously used and Nvidia Shield but no longer have it.

I used a NUC running Linux Server for my first Channels DVR install. I didn't purchase it for that purpose and it only had a 1TB drive. No issues with Channels DVR running on the NUC. Only issue was a lack of disk space. I prefer Linux because it doesn't require a lot of system resources and running headless, using SSH allows for system maintenance. What processor did you choose?

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Been running Windows on a NUC6CAYH, 8gb RAM, 2tb drive dedicated to Channels for 9 months with no issues. My needs are pretty simple and I didn’t have a lot of Linux experience. This just runs with only an occasional reboot usually because MS pushed an update.

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Thank you for the reply. The processor I will be using is a core i5-4250u. It is 1.3 gigahertz. I was trying to keep the build under $200. I also have 8GB RAM and 256gb SSD as well as a 1tb HDD.

Since February I've been running ChannelsDVR on a brand-new 10th gen Intel NUC running Ubuntu. Works great. (I should point out, even though it's an Intel CPU, Channels doesn't yet support hardware transcoding - if that's important to you). I got the "tall" model so I could install an M2 SSD for storing the OS, and a SATA SSD for storing the recordings.

Good to hear it! Yeah, I also made sure to get a tall model so I could put an HDD inside of it. Just to keep things neat.