Interested in the new Google Sabrina

I have been using Fire TV 4K sticks with channels on every TV around my home for the last 20 months, it has worked so well I don’t have any TV aerial points at any of the TV’s so they all rely on this system.

From day 1 using the Amazon eco system I hated all the advertising but as a family we have learned to work around it as it did everything we needed very well, I’m not keen on some of advertising and programs available from the homescreen when I have very young kids who are becoming more inquisitive now!

The latest Amazon firmware has yet again broken live TV streaming on some channels which made me starting thinking is there a better solution available now and it sounds like Google are about to release a decent streaming device finally in the form of the “Sabrina”, will this device be supported / recommended by Channels?

Seems like a very cost effective alternative to a shield, anyone who currently uses Android TV in the UK are the catch up apps available? I know they are not all available on the shield (this puts me off having 1)

Is anyone else thinking of switching across to using a Sabrina for their TV / channels watching?

I will be purchasing one. My Virgin TiVo contract runs out soon and Channels is replacing it but I have no means to watch it on my kitchen television - thats where the Sabrina will be going :slight_smile:

It sounds like a great device but cant find the full info yet unless you've seen anything.

Do you know if the UK catchup apps will be available on it?

Honestly no idea right now, I'd like to think so but given how fragmented Android TV apps are there's no way of knowing unfortunately. All I know is its a suped-up Chromecast with a remote control and runs Android TV. Apparently the chipset can handle 4k Dolby Atmos & Vision so it sounds a wee-beasty and at a price point of around ~£50/60 thats pretty decent.

Yeah that sounds like a nice capable little device, I will need 7 of them to replace my Fire TV 4K sticks!

I just know the Shield has issues with the UK Catchup apps but I am not sure if that is an Nvidia issue or an Android TV as a whole issue!

If it does everything the FTV does without all the adverts I’ll happily swap

I have a Shield (2017) in the bedroom with Channels working no problem.

Yeah I understand channels will work perfectly but last time I had a play with a Shield the big 4 catchup apps were not all available, I think BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 worked but ITV and 4 were unable to be installed. This was a big flaw for myself as we use them frequently as we don’t have the DVR service just Live TV.

I was never sure if the issue was related to all android TV boxes or just the shield though

Would probably be a better device than the TiVo Stream 4K..maybe.
The images of the remote, seem to look alot like the Nvidia Shield remote.
Hope it is backlit. that would make it a definite buy for me.
ALso, I need Ethernet port/hardwired ability, either built in port, or via usb port (i have my Tivo Stream 4K on a usb Ethernet dongle)

Only thing i worry about, the stupid new Google home screen ads junk, manged to not have them on my 2 Shields (for now) and the Tivo i will not update the launcher to avoid them. It woudl guess that Googles own A-TV dongle would come with the most up to date software, so trying to downgrade the system rom version of the launcher, probably wont work. (and no, i will not use a 3rd party launcher)

Don't think the Tivo is available to the UK market really. Not sure why but we seem to have very limited streaming options in the UK.

What are the adverts on android TV? I thought android TV was always very clean. If they start advertising all over the home screen I'm no better off than with a fire 4k. At least you can forgive the advertising on them when they are only £25 on sale every other week on amazon.

That would be this:

Thanks for the link.

Hmmmmm if I'm honest that looks like it's just turning into the fire tv interface, I don't like anything on my devices that I didn't install!

If i don't use a service its because i don't want to use it i don't want a constant reminder every time I turn my TV on

ditto. hasnt shown up o Nvidia Shields yet. some think they may be "immune" to the change as they are updated to the same A-TV Home launcher, and have no adds, but that could change at any time with future update.

Only other option to mitigate it, use different launcher but I always find non stock/native launchers to be worse performing and janky. I use a Google Pixel phone for a reason, want pure stock no bloat experience.

100% agree. I ran different launchers and such on the ftv when I first got it but there is always a down side and glitches.

Never run a Google phone stuck with Samsung for many years now but I'm sick of the curved screens so tempted to go pixel next time.

I use the first gen xioami mi box as my home office tv. the ad's thing showed up recently. I don't like it but it seems less in your face than on the firestick 4k which I also have. one nice thing about the firestick is that with a dongle you can use wired ethernet. the Sabrina thing does look interesting.