Interesting hardware for 'Video Input'

Blackbird H.265 HDMI over IP Kit

This begs to be incorporated into Channels (or Plex).

Looks like that is a HDMI extender that uses real time H265 encoding to send over ethernet cables.

Exactly, so something like Channels could handle the stream

It would be cool to take this device and an IR blaster and create an HDHR tuner emulator. It would sit between a cable or satellite receiver and the Channels DVR. Not sure if HDCP would get in the way, though.

Folks have been using similar tuners with some other DVR software for a while. I believe the following issues surfaced:

  • The units that have a head end and a client end didn't always negotiate as clean as expected when the head end was used alone. Folks typically ended up purchasing a single device "network video encoder" from Aliexpress (China) that worked pretty well. They can be found on Amazon at this point.

  • No HDCP issues

  • Stereo audio only which was disappointing for a smaller percentage of the users

  • A savy developer in the community wrote the network interface to get the 'tuner' into the DVR software