Interface comments

Great app. I understand that it is a work in progress but I thought I would start some feedback on the interface

Hope it helps.

With these comments I was thinking of consistency with iOS and understandability for the users.

I have been playing with other areas too and still forming thoughts.

Excellent start and I can't wait to see how it progresses

Thanks! We’re def aware of the lack of iOS conventions while doing the port with these specific things specifically.

I have been playing with other areas too and still for month thoughts.

Give all the feedback that you’d like! Thanks!

On/off toggle added for “Stretch to Fit” option in the latest beta.

Love the interface on favorites and the guide view you implemented.

Should we see the recordings from the prior beta of the Channels TV App? Or is this exclusively against the new DVR backend.

No DVR features in the iOS app yet. We will enable Channels DVR support when that beta launches.

When you look at the details about a show in the guide or on now screen, it would be nice if it dismissed the pop-up when you touched outside of it (beyond the down arrow in the right upper corner). That would seem more intiuitive… That was her only point of confusion.

Agreed, will take a look at fixing this for next build.

When Airplaying the content (works…) it would be nice if the symbol on the device (in the black screen on the device) had text beneath it stating what device it is being AirPlayed to… I realize not everyone will have multiple AppleTV’s but I expect a lot of your users will quickly. Good to know which device the video is going to…

Will need to see if this is possible. Have you seen any other apps which do this?

I would have sworn I have seen this in a number of places, but I just went back and was looking for a reference app (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Plex, etc…) and none of them do it. Don’t know if that has anything to do with using IOS 10 beta or not. I thought I used to see the name of the device below the airplay logo when it was being air played…

I’ll install on a 9.3 version of IOS and see.

I don’t remember seeing this, but you can retap the Airplay icon and the device being played to is checked.

-Touching outside the pop up dismisses…

Thank you!!!

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I have been playing with the video player.

I can't touch the Subtitle and Language buttons reliably. They feel too close together. I like the size but the touch areas feel too small.

The bottom carousel Channel changer is really really nice but what can happen in use is that if you slide through the channels and stop it will then show the information for your alternate channel below the view of the original channel. There is no feedback to indicate what to do next. I was wondering if a purple "Watch" button should fade in quickly after the scrolling motion stops.

Hope you don't mind the markups. I seem to do them all day just now at work too.

I’ve noticed when watching Live TV the progress bar above Skip Back, Pause, and Skip Forward buttons always displays 1 hour instead of the actual run time for the show. When watching a half hour show, the bar shows the progress as if the show was an hour. The same thing holds true for shows longer than an hour.

With the On Now screen, what do you think about having an option the user could enable to see the time remaining in realtime for the program?

If that doesn’t work, how about displaying the start and end times or total airtime in minutes for the show under the Season, Episode, and Date so I have an idea on how much time of the show remains to be aired?

Either of these would help me from jumping back to the Guide Screen to view how much of the program remains.

The newest beta resolves some of these things:

  • CC and Audio Language buttons are easier to tap now
  • Scrollbars are flashed when the Favs Guide shows to hint at scrolling
  • Settings cells don’t show disclosure indicators unless they’re going somewhere.

The volume slider was added to the video player but the AirPlay button was not included. Channels only works over AirPlay if you use Mirroring. Mirroring is not an option in the AirPlay picker when presented in app. It’s only available in Control Center.

When is newest beta being released? Nothing new on TestFlight today.

huh, really? I pushed it out, and even downloaded it myself.

It came in about 10 min ago

Update: I hadn’t walked it all the way through the process and @tmm1 got it all the way through. That was about 9:00p EST.

Sorry everyone!