Interface for sports broadcasts


I’m a big fan of channels but one area that is lacking is the interface for sporting events. A great example is on the website where it shows “college basketball” as one of the tiles with no info about which teams are playing, etc. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement here. For example, one possibility would be a “Sports” view that collated all the current channels showing sporting events.


Agreed. I’m a big enough sports fan to know how terrible this currently is. This is something we’re already actively thinking about. Thanks!


Glad to hear that you’re already on it. I figure that would be the case, but didn’t see anything on the forum and wanted to be sure.


Checking in on the Sports Guide development effort. I'm a huge fan of Channels, and recently signed up for DVR having come from Plex. 2 years ago we were entirely on Xfinity X1, and I'll say one feature I miss is their comprehensive Sports guide/live scores/stats. I see the concepts of categories within Channels "On Now" and "On Later" views. It'd be great to create categories for Sports (NBA, NFL,NCAA Basketball etc), and possibly enhance the guide with events scores and or stats like Xfinity does. With March Madness around the corner, I'm a huge +1 on this feature request!! :slight_smile:

Here's how Comcast goes about this: