International DVR


Damn, only just found this thread and disappointed that it seems the DVR service won’t be coming to New Zealand any time soon. This month would have been a good one to have DVR available in NZ and Australia as the TiVo service closes down at the end of the month and lots of people searching for an alternative!


spewing - I was so exciting as I was reading down the thread. Bring on AUS support :). Thanks


Has anyone from Channels spoken to Freeview? ( As I understand it their purpose is to make sure free to air keeps up and competes with all the streaming. Surely they have an API into their data for all the TV vendors?

Hope that helps.


Any news on DVR availability in the Netherlands?


+1 Australia. Have been using the Channels TVOS app - fantastic! downloaded the dvr service to my Linux server and subscribed assuming Oz worked. Oh. guess I’ll be unsubscribing for now…


We’re still looking into guide data providers. In order to evaluate them, I’m hoping some of you can provide a list of popular shows in Australia that you would be interested in recording (along with the channel they air on). That way I can check our guide data options to make sure those shows have good images, proper season/episode metadata and tags for when new episodes are airing.


Hi. Would this work for New Zealand? I’m happy to test?


We are currently in “Summer TV” which is not ratings season, so many big shows not on at this time of year. I have picked some Australian Productions as US/UK based productions generally shouldn’t have image issues. Some are mainstream, some are a bit eclectic.

Based on Victoria/Melbourne Channel Numbers.
If you want more of examples of US/UK programs, let me know.
Happy to help with any testing.

Channel Name  	SD #	     HD #	  Program Name

Ten	                10	     13	  The Project (News)
Ten	                10	     13	  KFC Big Bash League (Sport)
Nine	                9	     90	  Millionaire Hot Seat (Entertainment)
7Flix	                76	     N/A	  Travel Oz (Travel, Entertainment)
7mate	                73	     N/A	  Outback Truckers (Entertainment)
Seven	                7	     70	  Australian Open Tennis (Sport)
Eleven	                11	     N/A	  Neighbours (Entertainment)
SBS ViceLand	        32	     31	  RockWiz
SBS One	                3	     30	  Who do you think you are?
ABC News	                24	     N/A	  Summer Drum
Nine Life	        94	     N/A	  The Block


So is there any update on the Australian EPG issue and thus DVR rollout?


Hi Team,
Just wondering if you have any updates on bringing your DVR service to NZ, I really love your app and want a solution and I am prepared to pay for it anything will be cheaper than Sky TV NZ!


A month and a bit later from the last post, any updates on AUS/NZ DVR service? I think there are a lot of us keen to hear any news!


Yes, looking forward to Australian DVR !!!


So I think there is going to be a flood of Australian current Windows media centre users to one of the following platforms

  1. Channels DVR…when they have recording support for Australia
  2. Plex TV…when they have Grid style program guide support

Given Australians are early adopters and are happy to pay for the right service I think this is a race worth winning!!!

Cmon Channel Devs, whats the hold up CRIKEY!!


Its not only the WMC users that would take advantage of Channels. Friends of mine in Australia tell me that Tivo has stopped services since Oct 2017 (and are extremely jealous setup when they recently visited)


That’s correct Teddy. In fact, while I was never a Tivo user, my parents are and I need a replacement solution for them. Channels DVR is what I’m hopeful of, however it seems to be taking so long that I may have to find something else for them if we don’t hear some good news soon.


Hi, any update to DVR availability in AUS?


So I was just doing my monthly check on the Grid style EPG for the Channels product and Plex in Australia. Looks like Plex are rumoured to support grid style in the first half of this year. Having said that they have put dates on this development before and have never hit that date.

It certainly feels like they are trying harder to win the race (See previous post Mar 21) at this point.


Like you said, Plex hasn’t met their deadline on a grid guide yet… It was supposed to be out at the end of last year, I wouldn’t bet on it coming soon.


Who knew implementing a scrolling spreadsheet was this difficult?

Plex development is so frustratingly slow, and the DVR is so disappointing. The only advantage it has over Channels DVR is the support for different tuner types. I’d love to replace my jumble of HDHR boxes and wires with a nice multituner PCIe card and still use Channels.


Another frustrated Aussie here.

A suggestion: could we have access to DVR as-is, without fancy guide stuff, just to see if it’s something we can live with? You could potentially collect info from us about which shows are most searched for etc rather than asking people to submit them on the forum. I just desperately want to get rid of EyeTV for my recordings and go all-in on Channels.