International DVR


How would a DVR work if it doesn’t have guide data to go off of?


The Channels app shows me a guide – I presume it’s just DVB data. Is that not enough to get some kind of recording rules into play? Recordings could be defined in advance by start/stop/channel or by program name etc.


I assume the dvr engine needs a guide provider for scheduling, anything else would likely require many changes to the code.


But Plex seems to have the ability to have basic recording controls through a standard EPG. If a customer wants advanced functionality, couldn’t they be offered to pay for ICETV?


IceTV + Channels DVR, as separate subscriptions, is pushing into “not worth it” territory. If they could be bundled together for a lower price, that’d be seriously interesting.

I have used IceTV with EyeTV on the Mac to do better scheduled recordings but it’s not strictly necessary. A one-off payment for Channels DVR and IceTV compatibility could be acceptable depending on the DVR price.

And yes, it would require changes to Channels DVR to work solely from DVB program guide data… but would open up more countries as potential customers.


From another post your retirement for a 4:3 image is not consistent with what other users of the IceTV XMLTV data however a temporary solution would be to use the IceTV XMLTV data but just not display the images. Images are hardly a major feature for setting up what shows to record.


requirement not retirement :slight_smile:


So, deadline of Q2 2018 means that DVR in AUS is imminent. Yes/No?


We’ve gotten no updates from our guide provider. When we hear something, you will be the first to know.


Looks to me like Plex has won the race. I will be getting a subscription and start testing. To be honest I had hoped you guys would get there first. I will let you know how my Australian testing goes.


OK, you have lost me, I have now switched to Plex DVR and can recommend it to Australian users. I would like to switch back to Channels DVR if it ever becomes available to Australia but at this stage it looks a bridge too far.