International DVR


So, I have a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Connect network TV tuner connected to Synology NAS with Plex Media Server. I subscribe to IceTV Plex EPG feed for the tv guide. From the NAS, using Plex DVR I can either record or stream live oz TV to any Plex app, on any device, anywhere in the world. Rarely any problems, except for power outages but solved that with UPS.


I have the same tuners I think. I have 2 x dual tuners so 4 in all. One of the main things I do regularly is record the morning news and time shift to get through the adds. So I start watching before the recording has finished. Works about 1 in 3 times. Sometime it just goes live, sometimes it says there are no tuners available. I am keen to try Synology but a bit reluctant as I havent found the actual problem yet.

Do you time shift?


I suppose we can only blame the australian TV broadcasters for the lock down. I just subscribed for $80 since I thought channels DVR now supports australia only to find it still doesn't. mis-read the FAQs.

Will be asking for a refund.

Praying for DVR support in Australia soon. I would sign up about 10+ friends too.


@tmm1 Hi, any update on AU/NZ dvr support?


I do... and was trying to use the XML feed into PLEX, but would rather use channels DVR