Interrupted Recordings Alerts?

Can we get some kind of alert when recordings are interrupted ... There is no way to know unless you go through all the recordings ... I found a few of a series and some movies I want to keep.

Apple clients display an icon on the recording, but I agree that a central list that shows all errors would be nice.

(Edit: Also, errored/missed recordings that did not record at all remain in the Scheduled list, too. They are automatically removed after about a week. Again, this is for Apple clients.)

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I agree this would be nice to have. One way to do it would be to allow entering SMTP server settings so that the server can send e-mails. Not sure how complex that would be to implement. I also have a memory that the Devs have mentioned they’d like to improve the surfacing if errors in the client, perhaps with a pop up at first launch or something.

We really need real time alerts ..... 32.1 warner brothers appears to have been moved yesterday and required a rescan .... Realtime alerts would have alerted me right away instead I found out by reviewing the schedule.... makes no sense that you have to use the browser to look for failed recordings.