Interrupted Recordings OTA at 9PM

Hey all, I'm having an issue with my DVR recordings I'm hoping someone can help me resolve it. Everything records fine except my OTA shows at 9 pm. I always get a "Recording was interrupted". But, this error only happens at 9 PM on my OTA channels no matter what station. Every other time things record without any interruption. My server is a Mac Mini M1 and I'm using a HDHomeRun Flex 4K.

Do you have anything on a timer that could be affecting this? Some lights/appliances give off RF signals that have been known to interfere with broadcast signals.

I remember seeing a post on the Silicon Dust forum stating exactly what @racameron is talking about.
He found that some led lights had been installed outside using a dusk-dawn sensor to turn them on/off causing interference while they were on.

I don't have anything on a timer. It's baffling that it always happens during the same hour and it only affects the OTA stations. Maybe I need to reach out to silicon dust support?

Not sure if this will help, but it helped me with the same issue:

Do you have any neighbors close by? They may have something that comes on at that time...or could even be a city street light near buy even. Interference can come from anything.

Yeah, I live in a neighborhood where the houses are about 8 feet apart. I thought maybe I had my antenna up high enough where interference wouldn't be an issue. But, who knows what they might have going on if that is the case.

Sprinkler system, outside lighting, garage door opener, hot tub...who knows.