iOS 10 Beta 3: "Tuner Not Available" error

I just updated to the third beta of iOS 10 this morning, and I am receiving a “Tuner Not Available” error on my iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro 9.7, and iPad Pro 12.9. I rescanned for tuners on each device, and no change. It isn’t an issue with my HDHomerun Prime since my Apple TV Channels app works perfectly.

I appreciate the hard work you guys are doing! I can’t wait to see what is in store next. Thanks.

That message is shown when the HDHomeRun is using all of its available tuners for other devices/DVR recordings. There are 3 LEDs on the front of the HDHomeRun that display the status of the 3 tuners. Is it possible all of your tuners are in use when trying on the iOS app?

No, there were no tuners in use at the time.

Got it, just double checking since I had a similar experience.

I’ve had this a couple of times on the ATV app beta. It normally disappears after re-selecting the channel though.