iOS 13 release 09/19/2019

Can you say if your app is ready for iOS 13's release tomorrow? It works pretty well on the iPhone but curious about updating the iPad. Thanks!

iOS 13.1 is coming out in 5 days. Probably best to wait as 13.0 is very buggy.

Agree. I’m on ios13 and there’s slight issues...

That's like saying the sky is blue. All software is buggy and having used iOS13 and iOS 13.1 on my phones I have not had a lot of issue. No more so than using any other software with bugs.

How is Channels working with 13.1? Safe to upgrade my iPad Pro 12.9 yet?

No issues from me and I’ve been on it awhile.

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I just did the upgrade.

I did the upgrade today on iPad and now wish I didn't. Streaming is definitely not working any more. I sent diagnostics on app but don't know if developers have received yet.