iOS 4.0 Problem

Since I’ve updated I’ve updated the app to 4.0, every time I play a recording it starts fine but after a few seconds it completely stops playing and returns to the recordings tab. If I select it again then it will play just fine. It’s done this on several recordings, all TVE I believe. Just sent over the logs.


Is this happening only when streaming remotely?

No it’s done it remote and at home. Not sure how far back the logs go but it happened today at lunch when I was remote.

Hm okay, can you submit diagnostics again when it happens at home next time.

I just submitted logs, but I’m remote again. I used it a bit last night at home with out further occurrence. I think it is happening when something is being watched, then video is paused and phone shut off. A while later when I go back to Channels to keep watching the video is still pulled up, so I start watching. After a few minutes then it cuts out.

I also just realized the last few times I’ve done this I’ve changed where I’m watching during the time when the phone was locked, so going from remote to home or vice-versa. Perhaps that’s the problem?

Just happened again. Logs sent. I’m at home and didn’t do any of the back and forth or on/off I theorized previously. Started new movie, skipped commercials, watched ~10 seconds and it cut out without warning. Any ideas what’s going on or what I can be watching for to help figure that out?