iOS app guide data


Does anybody have an issue with getting guide data in the iOS app? Everything seems to work fine. I can click on the channel and watch it. Only there is no programming information.PNG


If you open the DVR web UI to the Guide tab, is there data there?


I’m experiencing that with only one channel. CBS won’t show up in the guide.


Click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR on the DVR web ui


I’m sorry, I just got this today. I’m not sure where that is.


The DVR web UI is on the PC or NAS where you installed the DVR and entered your zipcode


Seems to be working on my iPhone but not on my Apple TV


Restart the app by clicking TV/Home twice and swipe up


Reloading the data and restarting the app fixed it for me.


I've been having guide data problems on iPad app off and on for several weeks. Restarting app doesn't fix. Web gui guide data is okay when app guide is not. My fix has been to go into web gui > settings and click refresh on hdhr to reload the guide data.

One inconsistency I noticed with iPad app. Under settings, you can't press hold the hdhr tuners like you can in the other channels apps to refresh tuners. You have to use web GUI to refresh the tuners.

It would be great if you could add ability to refresh tuners to iPad app.


Hmm this doesn't make sense. The refresh circle icon reloads the guide data on the DVR so if it's correct already it should have any effect.

You can swipe left and select More


Oh, I never thought of swiping left.

I think I fixed my guide data problem. I have three hdhr tuners. My DVR is set to use two of them. I noticed in iPad app I had all three tuners enabled. When I enabled the same two tuners as DVR the missing guide data appeared.

I find the setting tab confusing. It seems like the settings should reflect the channels DVR you are attached to. And that it shouldn't be possible for app to have different settings than the DVR. So that if DVR has two tuners enabled, this should be reflected by settings of any device connected to this DVR. Right?


The app has an independent view of the tuners for legacy reasons.