iOS app with aTV

Would be great to use the Channels iOS to change channels on the Apple TV, like if I choose something on iOS it could change the channel on the Apple TV, or the same in reverse. Like, I’m watching a basketball game, but I need to go take care of some business, so I use the Apple TV Channels to tell my iOS Channels what I’m watching and it tunes in. Then when I’m done I walk back in and tell the iOS Channels to set the Apple TV Channels to the channel I’m watching.

I like this idea too. One thing that I’ve seen done on cable company apps, etc. is that they have two buttons, one for “Watch on TV” and one for “Watch on iPad” or something like this. That way you can choose where to start the show playing. This might get more complicated if you had more than one ATV, might require selecting the ATV to use.

I would guess with the limitations of the ATV the “Watch on TV” would only work if the Channels app is already open, but this seems okay to me.