iOS - Away From Home - Activation Code

Hi -

I'd like to share my Channels DVR with a friend of mine so he can watch TV on the go. He's downloaded the Channels DVR app and clicks Away From Home, but then he needs to sign in. Typically an activation code is displayed that I enter that gives the user access. This time it's appears I need to give him my username and password for access.

How does he get the activation code only and not be required to login?

There is no way, he'll need to log in using your account information.

Is this only an iOS issue? I share with other users who use Fire Sticks and Google TV and they never need to use credentials.

This is how the iOS app authenticates. Channels is designed to be a personal DVR, not a sharing platform.

Got it. It's just different than other platforms.

It's a great product. Keep up the good work.

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