IOS Channels app does not show DVR


Hello Everyone,

I just installed the Channels app on my wife’s new iPad and it’s not showing the DVR.

I am able to navigate in safari to the DVR settings and bonjour.

The Apple TVs see the DVR without any problem (although sometimes I have to exit/re-enter the channels app to get them to recognize the DVR). I can get to everything via the browser from another computer.

DVR is running on FreeNAS and is version 2018.04.05.2059

Do I have to activate the app in some fashion?



Everything on the same network? Is the iPad able to access the DVR via its IP address in Safari?

Try unchecking and rechecking the Bonjour checkbox on the DVR settings web page.


That did it!

It’s now working with the DVR visible in the Channels App (v 2.1.15) on IOS v11.3 (15E216) -

It’s an iPad 128GB WiFi with the A10 chip.

Does the IOS App work on any 64 bit chip - my older iPad Air is running an A7 64 bit chip.



Yep any 64-bit device is compatible.