iOS devices are only seeing HDhomeRun sources today

For some weird reason my iOS devices are not seeing any sources outside of my HDHomeruns today in settings under sources. On my Nvidia Shield TV I am seeing all my sources (my Two HDHomeruns, Locast, TV Everywhere) but the Locast and TV Everywhere are not showing up on three iOS devices. I know I was able to watch these in the past but today I just noticed they are not available.

I also noticed it is the same on my Apple TV, when I go to settings - manage sources - I am just seeing my Two HDhomerun tuners and nothing else. I am not sure if I have setting disabled that doesn't show my TVEverywhere and Locast on tvOS and iOS devices.

Here is my Apple TV:


Here is my Nvidia Shield TV:


Noticed a discepancy between your two pictures.
Nvidia Shield is showing you have 2 items in the Trash and Apple TV shows none.

Almost like your iOS and tvOS clients lost connection with the DVR.
Are you able to force them to connect to the DVR using its IP address?

A timeout is getting tripped, I think due to the size of the library.

The TV Shows and Movies library is too big?

@amcfarla Can you send a copy of your recorder.db from recent backup to [email protected]. That will help with DVR: Performance improvements (v2021.05.13.0008)

I decided to delete my TV shows database of my saved TV shows. I can send it to you, but to fix that problem (which it did) removing the TV shows did allow all my sources to be recognized on my Apple iOS and tvOS devices. Where would this be located? Thank you.

No worries. I was able to run tests elsewhere. The issues you had have been fixed with optimize feature on the Performance thread.

So this the item regarding this DVR: Performance improvements (v2021.05.13.0008)

Do I need to upgrade my Channels DVR to utilize this fix?

Correct, you would update to pre-release then paste this in Powershell on your dvr PC:

curl.exe -XPUT

Ok, thanks for the information. Loading my TV shows back into my Channels DVR

Apparently this wasn't an issue that many ran into. LOL