IOS/tvOS home screen + HDHR channel + PiP mode video stutter

Channels client v5.5.3
Channels DVR v2022.09.18.1926 (also w/previous version)
IOS/tvOS v16
iPadOS v15.7
HDHR v20220822
Tuner sharing enabled

If you navigate to the Home Screen on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or ATV) while watching any HDHR channel in PiP mode, the audio will play normally but the video becomes stuck in a loop. As long as the Channels client app is open, the PiP video plays normally. TVE channels appear unaffected and it happens with both the default and legacy video drivers.

Screen Recording

(1st video is HDHR channel, 2nd is TVE YouTube TV)

its the deinterlacer. change it to linear.

ive reported this last year and other PIP issues, in between, a month ago, and even started a thread and just got a response: Beta PiP issues - #4 by AeroR1

thanks for narrowing this down.

iiuc, this is happening only on iOS devices, only on iOS 16, only during PIP and only when hardware deinterlacer is enabled?

can you verify that hardware deint works with PIP on tvOS 16 as expected?

we can make the player switch to linear deint automatically when entering PIP on iOS

I think that’s the problem. I switched the deinterlacing mode from “hardware” to “linear” and the problem went away on all platforms. Hardware deinterlacer shows the same stuttering on Apple TV and works correctly with linear.

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i guess, i dont have any other platforms

no, it happened in the tail end of ios 14, 15 and 16. i have reported this before

it doesn't, thats why we have to change it to linear and keep it there if you want to take advantage of the os

id prefer hardware, but if you do the switch automatically, make sure it changes back in full screen. but first you need to look at the performance of pip, its not good. its slows down, crashes, bogs down the app, the app crashes, going full screen is problematic after being in pip, cant go to TVOS homescreen in pip you have to wipe between apps, and so on. its a big performance problem. the only solution is to disable it.