iOS Version 2.2.3 crashes on remote viewing


Since updating to version 2.2.3 I can no longer remote view channels. Once I select a channel the app crashes. Does this both on my iPad and iPhone.


Version 3.2.3 Remote live TV crashes Channels, works fine with DVR

Same for me. Running latest public IOS 12 but 2.2.2 worked fine with that.

Version 3.2.3 is giving me the No tuners available message

We’re seeing this now too. We’ll get to the bottom of it asap.


Thanks so much for submitting this. The issue has been resolved and new updates are being submitted for review right now.


You guys are awesome. Thanks so much!


tvOS has the same issue, are yall aware?


Yep, everything is getting bumped. Thanks!


Thanks for getting this fixed so quickly!


any ETA on the approval process?


Still waiting for review.

We pushed up a beta so you can use that while we wait on Apple to approve the apps. Check your inbox for an invite to Testflight. I’ve added everyone on this thread.


Add me to the test please. DVr works , Live crashes


v2.2.4 was approved and will appear on the App Store shortly.