iPad app error - DVR Access Failure


I recently had to restore my iPad. When I open the Channels app can tap “Reconnect Remote DVR”, I get the following error:

DVR Access Failure
Request failed: forbidden (403)

Any ideas?


Does http://my.channelsdvr.net/ work?


Yes, I typed that URL into my iPad browser. I was asked for username and password. I enter those and then see this normal webpage for the Channels server, recordings, etc.

However, just tried the iPad app again, and get the same error.


Hi @tmm1. HTTPS (https://my.channelsdvr.net/) is currently not working directly. HTTP redirecting to HTTPS is working.


I’m still getting this DVR Access error. Am I doing something wrong?


Does the DVR web UI Log tab show any errors when you try to auth the iPad app?


When I uses the URL that you gave above, I have zero errors.

Note that I fully restored my iPad from a backup via iTunes. Could that be having any impact? Perhaps I should delete the app and reinstall?

  1. Try logging in via iPad app so it shows the forbidden message
  2. Then open DVR web UI and check Log tab for any errors


I think I resolved it. I logged out and then logged back in to DVR remote access. Seems like everything is working now. Thanks.