IPad Can't Access Channels DVR Server In Home

We have two IPads and they both worked but now one of them cannot reach the server. I checked that it's on the same network as the server. I reinstalled the IPad Channels Whole Home DVR app. I added the server IP manually with and without the port but keep getting Error: Channels DVR Server was not found at

Any help with getting this to work again will be much appreciated. Happy wife, happy life!

Does it load in safari?

What is the IP on the iPad that works and the IP on the one that doesn't work? Are they on the same subnet and Wi-Fi network?

Yes it does load safari. That is the only browser she uses. They are both on the same subnet and Wi-Fi network. They are both connected to the same Wi-Fi router that my QNAP is hardwired to.

I mean does the dvr web UI load in safari?

Oh, yes, it does come up in safari.

Submit diagnostics from channels app after connect failure


Nothing came through..

Try again.

I think maybe local network access is not allowed for Channels under iOS privacy settings

That was the culprit. Thank you very much! She will appreciate your help as well!

Loving your product!