iPad picture-in-picture support

It would be really cool if we could use the picture-in-picture functionality on the iPad version of the Channels app. Any plans to implement that in the future at some point? Thanks!

Already been discussed here as impossible with the custom video player Channels uses: https://community.getchannels.com/t/feature-requests/137/3

If you have the EXTEND receiver, which is H.264 encoded, shouldn’t it be possible to use the system media player and thus do this? I know, it would be a feature that only a subset of users could take advantage of, but…

Apple’s video player requires the H264 codec and the HLS (http live streaming) format. The EXTEND supports H264, but does not support HLS.

Picture in Picture is now native to iPadOS as well as iOS. Why isn’t this supported? I would think it would be rather easy to include this now with iOS 14 especially.

That link is dead.... must be old... This is a new request.

Yes, this feature should be a no brainer at this point.

As stated directly above your post:

The native format from tuners is H.262/MPEG-2. Apple's PIP implementation will not play the video from the HDHR tuners.

So there is no workaround for this? Can it not be converted somehow?

If you force tuner sharing for OTA/cable tuners, and force transcoding for OTA/cable, then yes, it could work.

While this may come as a future feature for those users willing to make additional changes and degrade the streams they receive, I don't think it makes sense for that to be the default.

There are many features that the developers are working on, and this may come in the future. However, this particular feature would require many disparate parts to come together.

It relies on the system video player. We have our own custom video player. It’s just not doable. If so, we would have supported it on day 1.

The only workaround is to use the server’s website and not the app which will remux/transcode to a format the web player can playback. Then you can get PIP on the iPhone or iPad.

Is it possible to have a link in the app that would automatically redirect you to the channel in safari if clicked or tapped? That way you wouldn't have to fumble around in the web version on your phone

yea this is the point here. The way plex handles this is by switching from mpv to system player to support PIP so you can do both. But once in PIP you lose all of the MPV direct play stuff