iPad UI scale?

Something that occurred to me with taking this screenshot for another topic is that the iPad guide UI is really large?! Is there anyway it could be made to be more compact so that you can see more on screen? It feels like each row could be 50-75% of the current height and the timeline could show an extra hour or so.


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Perhaps it could take into account the user's Dynamic Type settings? Particularly given it can be adjusted per-app in iOS 15...


The latest TestFlight beta has resized the rows to be a bit smaller.


Just revisiting this and it applies to iOS as much as iPadOS, but I think support for Dynamic Type is essential.

Accessibility and inclusivity shouldn’t be something ignored. In the end they make things better for everyone.

Eg, I’ve got fairly good sight, but I just found I wanted to bump up the text size on the guide because I was finding the time text a bit small on my phone and was really disappointed to find adjusting dynamic type did nothing.

I do have some sympathy though; building some of these more complex screens and getting them to display nicely in all scales will be a fair bit of work.