iPhone 6 Plus won't reconnect without reboot

Hi, I am using a iPhone 6+ with Channels DVR on Synology NAS. LOVE IT!
If I am watching Channels DVR and get disconnected by either answering a text of phone call, I cannot reconnect to Channels DVR without shutting done completely my iPhone and rebooting it. Then it connects and works great again.
A bug you are aware of?
Thank you,

Strange bug. What version number shown in the app on the Settings tab?

Can you try restarting the app when this happens? Click home button twice then swipe up on the Channels app.

Hi, The version on the iPhone is Channels 3.2.41.
Restarting the app brings me to the Welcome to Channels DVR screen and asks me it I want to connect at home or away from home. I am always away - so I choose away and it looks asks me to Authorize Access. Then do I want to Open, then starts connecting and times out. I can do this many times with the same results. The fix is to shut down the iPhone and reboot. Then it connects quickly.

That sounds pretty gross. Please try quit/restart the app as I described earlier, as that will help us understand where the bug may be. Rebooting your entire phone is pretty extreme and should never be necessary.

Also next time you get stuck in this mode, please click Help on the top right of the screen then click Submit Diagnostics > Other.

Ok, I will click the Help button next time. Thank you for your help and your great service.