iPhone 6S Remote: Constant Buffering, No Subtitles

Either “Internet” or “Cellular”: Nearly constant buffering and no subtitles. Live or recorded. Is this normal for a phone like this?

Weeks ago, when I watched remotely on my iPad, connected to a hospital’s WiFi, I didn’t have this problem.

Phone plays flawlessly on the home LAN.

What DVR OS are you using?

Synology DS218+

Subtitles do not work with hardware transcoders. Switching the DVR to software transcoding will make closed captions work.

What Streaming rate did you have the app set to when it was buffering constantly?

That's a limitation of hardware transcoding?

The defaults: Internet: 720p 4Mbps, Cellular: 360p 0.7Mbps

Yes. Closed caption data is embedded in the video frame, and hardware transcoders don’t have the ability to embed that data when encoding video. There might be some ways to add it back via a post-processing step, building on top of some of the work to implement caption extraction/decoding on Android/FireTV.

Switched it to software transcoding: Subtitles appeared and the incessant buffering went entirely away. CPU utilization was actually higher with hardware transcoding enabled. Software/hardware: SD: 20/24%, HD: 37/55%

Not seeing the point of hardware transcoding.


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