iPhone Apple TV remote closed caption button ineffective

Using Apple TV app, with my phone connected to it as a remote control. When playing a recording, there's a captions logo button on the virtual remote (center bottom of the swipe area, see attached image). Toggling this button doesn't do anything for captions. To enable/disable captions, I have to pull down the top screen panel and go to the options section.

Is there a way to make this caption toggle button change the captions setting for the playback?

I believe that button only works for the apple TV app.

If youve got an iphone you could use a shortcut to toggle the cc, and even have it voice activated.

Do you know if this is an API limitation (where the Apple TV APIs don't give the app a way to hook into that button), or something where the app developer can hook into it if desired?

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Im pretty sure its on apples side, as that button doesnt work on amazon prime, paramount plus , plex, etc

Only works with apple tv app

I thought perhaps that button was restricted to apps that use the native tvOS video player but that same button doesn’t even appear for me when using the Movies Anywhere app, which does use the tvOS video player. It appears that, yes, for some reason it’s only available when watching something in the TV+ app. WTH?

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It's taunting us. I also see it in Disney+ and Netflix, and it does nothing there either. :frowning:

It’s not the same but that’s why I keep the Channels “ toggle captions” and the “show remote” Shortcuts on my Today View screen.

Thanks for the hint. And I found another hint, I can hook up a shortcut to the double or triple tap on the back of my phone.

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Great idea. I considered that but am using backtap for something else. I ended up sticking an NFC tag on my remote and scanning it with my phone to trigger captions toggle.

Thats a great hack. I love it!

Its too bad apple doesn’t have 4 extra assignable buttons, red green yellow and blue on the remote, with option to map to apple shortcuts. Then the possibilities would be endless.

For people who need accessibility options it would be really cool.

Have you looked into the sofabaton remote?