iPhone Audio Stutter

My daughter is off at college and tells me trying to watch some content that she's seeing audio stutter on her iPhone 12 when watching content not recorded by Channels.

I saw there was once an "experimental audio" setting for iPhone audio stutter but not sure where that setting is. I don't use an iPhone so hard for me to compare, but the show she was having an issue with played fine on my Note 20. I did turn on "Use HEVC" for transcoding to see if that helps but haven't heard back yet.

Channels app → Settings → Playback → Advanced → Audio Driver → Experimental

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It would be nice if this type of setting were able to be set at the server (as an override) so that I don't have to try to walk my daughter through this sort of thing from afar.

Just an FYI, setting "Use HEVC for Transcoding" on solved the problem also.