Is ESPN: GoalLine available w/ TVE (e.g. Cox, PSVue or YTTV)

Please excuse if this is a dumb ? (from a newb); but I searched the forum & I didn't find anything specific to this ?.

Wanted to know if we'd be able to (watch, or prefer to) Record the Goal_Line Ch. w/ TVE feature (using a Cox, PSVue or YTTV login/subscription)?

Would appreciate any feedback,

I'm not sure what GoalLine is, but we currently only have ESPN1 and ESPN2

It's like the RedZone Ch., but for College Football.
We're able to watch it when we've logged in to the WatchESPN app before.

It works with my Comcast account, so it is possible; ultimately it depends on their agreement with the network. For example, I get the NFL network through Comcast, but that channel is Cable only as my credentials do not work with the TVE feed.

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Looks like it. If you visit this site in a browser and try to play it will ask for your provider.

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I wanted to (belatedly) thank y'all (tmm1, rcgfl & chDVRuser) for your responses & input. And apologize for not doing so sooner, (been out of town last 2 weeks). Looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
Thanks again!

Don't know if it's really a separate "channel" on ESPN Live as I don't see it listed in my TVE channels.
Even harder to find out on ESPN's website. ESPN can get so confusing with that type of thing.
They're like, what do you want to watch, not which channel...
If it didn't work out for you, let @tmm1 know.