Is Experimental working yet?

Yes all the settings are functional.

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@DebbieFL this fixed my problem using Airplay 2 Speakers not connecting after Apple TV Sleep. I use 2x HomePod Speakers in the Master Bedroom.

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The "New Transcoder" setting is intended to resolve some issues that we've seen with our current transcoder. This change only impacts streaming at less than the Original bitrate, which, if settings haven't been changed, only happens when streaming remotely.

The scenarios it improves include:

  • When viewing in the app:
    • seeking backwards many times could cause subsequent playback to show glitches like pixelation and repeating frames of video and audio
    • seeking around many times could cause the video to pause and never start playing again
  • Resuming playback after seeking a number of times may be faster by reusing previously encoded segments of video from the encoding session

As a reminder: this is experimental because it may have bugs that cause it to not work right, including causing playback to stop or the DVR server to stop responding to requests.

If this new transcoder is working properly, you shouldn't really notice any difference if you haven't previously been having issues like the ones listed above.


Thank you for the further info ... very helpful :grinning:

How can I get that menu?

Only on the web UI
for Beta installs only (?) not sure as I only run web UI on Beta installation

Page down to: Last item on Settings (Experimental)

Reply back if you don’t have a Beta or need help to setup

Apparently not since I rebuilt my server. I remember the process being rather easy, but I don't recall the exact key combo to start the update.

Click-and-hold the Check For Update button.

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