Is it possible to do? TVE vs OTA

High all,

not sure if this has been covered already. Recently when my HDHR QUATRO went down, I used the TVE local channels until a replacement was sent out and it worked well. Currently only one OTA channel given me trouble and I want to know if I can substitute that with the TVE local in the guide? if so... how do I go about it? and do I need to manually do so on every device?

On DVR web UI, click pencil icon under HDHR and hide the channel you don't want used.

You can DISABLE the channel in HDHR QUATRO and it will not be found. However, unless you put them in favorites you can not change the ORDER of only 1 channel. So if you have the TVE Source after the HDHR QUATRO Source then the 6000-6002 Channels will follow all of your QUATRO Channels. In my case when using the OTA Quatro I would disable all but about 10-12 so in my case not that many.

But I agree with you it would be nice to change the channel number of the 6000-6002 to be the ones disabled in the OTA.