Is it possible to have the custom domain pointed at MY custom domain?

I've got Channels setup on a Linux machine and due to networking and port struggles, I'm running caddy as a reverse proxy. Right now I can access my server locally and remotely at:

Caddy handles the routing from that subdomain to port 8089. However, because I can't get 8089 properly open and forwarded, this means the Channels Apps won't be able to connect. Is it possible to have my channels domain (ie point to my personal subdomain?


Why so complicated, just use the integrated Tailscale feature.

Lots of complicated reasons. I'd like to be able to run my server behind a reverse proxy, etc. Wondering if I might get an answer from the devs. I'd like to be able to enter my URL into the apps when I am on the road and still watch my Channels DVR. Is this possible?

Solely using your own domain for remote access is not possible.

is it not possible to setup a CNAME record for ?

No, it’s not possible. Tailscale is going to be your best option if you can’t use our existing port forwarding based integration.

The problem that I run into with tailscale is it is not “always on” on Chromcast with GTV devices. Turning it on all the time is annoying.