Is signing up for the SiliconDust (HDHomerun) Forums really broken right now?

I know this is Channels Live TV Community, not really the SiliconDust Forums, but I'm having trouble getting inside that forums and asking around about this issue, so please bear with me as this community is a bit related to SiliconDust

Here is the screen capture of the registration process troubles I've experienced at SiliconDust Forums

Tried 3 different emails and scenarios for signing up for SiliconDust Forums.

  • Tried signing up on a newly registered spare Outlook Email address.
  • Tried signing up on a newly registered spare Gmail Email address.
  • And even a Temp email address, that generates new email address to be used.

All of them didn't get any verification email from SiliconDust for me to continue the forum signup, even on Spam folder, they're not there. They will be never be there no matter how long I wait for the email to come.

My theories :

  • Either the email server that handles their verification email is broken
  • Or their signup process on their Forum website is actually been broken for so long.
  • Or they've closed the registration on their forums now? To make it exclusive community?

Can anyone of you please confirm if any of your know these reasons are true? Why I am not able to register an account for their forums?

Can you please try this on their side as well, to confirm if I'm not the only one experiencing it?

If there's anyone here a member of SiliconDust Forums as well, can anyone be so kind to forward this issue on the Forums, post it there too, or report this problem to the mods / webmaster of SiliconDust's Forums?

On some part of the video, contacting the mods / forum webmaster, without being signed in is disabled too as well.

I need to get inside the SiliconDust Forums because I will ask some region related concerns about buying & using HDHomerun. It's really urgent and I need to post and ask the community.


The SD Forums have had severe issue for many months...

For me, it was every single page i load next, it woudl force me to login again.
Reported it, was rudely dismissed as was not a real issue as was not hapeing to others and to clear my browser cache (it still did it even when i use a Linux Live usb os to use the site).

As of right now, I just tried to login, and am unable i just get, max attempts reached, or password incorrect. (it is not).

Password reset email does not come through for me.....

SO yes, they seem to be having issues....nothing u or I can do about it.

I was just able to sign up over at the SiliconDust Forums without any issues. I received the verification email within several minutes, and had no problem logging in (using an iPad Air 2, if that makes any difference).

Not sure what’s causing the problems you’re having. Maybe the verification emails are getting caught in your spam filter?

I haven't tried to set up a new account, but the account I've had over there since about this time two years ago remains accessible, and I can't say as I recall ever having a problem re-logging-on over there. Nor have I ever experienced any of the other issues @speedingcheetah has. (I've never had to request a password reset, so I can't speak to that.)

Did you try emailing them?

Their forum rules state:
For concerns please email [email protected] and we will help.