Is there a step by step guide to configure Tubi on Channels

I am a noob that can't figure out how to setup Tubi on Channels, is there a step by step, I looked all over on the forum but some of the stuff is just foreign to me.

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There is not any way to add Tubi into Channels


Not even with the custom channels?

Take a look at this thread. Master-list Free Working M3U (Custom Channels)
It used to have a Tubi M3U
It may or may not work anymore, there has never been any guide data for tubi at least that I am aware of. The thread also contains info on how to add other sources that do have working m3uā€™s and guide data.

A lot of the Tubi content is on demand.
if a live stream isn't available, it can't be added to Channels.

I was able to find a source for Tubi but it would be nice to generate a XML

There is not a Tubi epg that I am aware of. Big reason why no one uses it.

Tubi has a lot of live channels now in addition to their on demand library. Including some stuff that is only streamed live, like Westworld.