Is there a step by step guide to configure Tubi on Channels

I am a noob that can't figure out how to setup Tubi on Channels, is there a step by step, I looked all over on the forum but some of the stuff is just foreign to me.


There is not any way to add Tubi into Channels


Not even with the custom channels?

Take a look at this thread. Master-list Free Working M3U (Custom Channels)
It used to have a Tubi M3U
It may or may not work anymore, there has never been any guide data for tubi at least that I am aware of. The thread also contains info on how to add other sources that do have working m3uā€™s and guide data.

A lot of the Tubi content is on demand.
if a live stream isn't available, it can't be added to Channels.


I was able to find a source for Tubi but it would be nice to generate a XML

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There is not a Tubi epg that I am aware of. Big reason why no one uses it.

Tubi has a lot of live channels now in addition to their on demand library. Including some stuff that is only streamed live, like Westworld.


Many of the Tubi channels can be mapped to EPG data. Open up the lineup, click on the plus button next to the channel, and search for it. You will need to select the option that has "HDTV Streaming" under the channel name.

Edited to add: Look for the ones that start with "XTB" - those are the Tubi-specific listings.


Thank you!

Is there still no program or script that can be written to scrape the epg data from the Tubi Live TV website? When I google it (program to scrape epg data - Google Search), I see a few GitHub projects and Python scrips that could potentially get the job done, but nowhere can I find an actual Tubi epg.

It's a shame because, like andi330 mentioned, there are a few HBO sci-fi castoffs streamed exclusively on Tubi. I've managed to record the last season of Westworld and all the episodes of The Nevers, but it's a real pain in the ass to do it with no EPG data.

I had to check the Tubi guide, then set timers to remind me when one episode was ending and the next beginning. Then after all the recordings had finished, I had to create a new folder in my personal media, drag all the files into it, and rename them to a "Series Season Episode" format in order to get the metadata to populate.

Between its live and on demand content, Tubi is far and away the best free streamer, so it'd be awesome if someone could figure out how to integrate it into Channels, but I'm no programer so that's way beyond my capabilities.

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I second that request, also beyond my abilities.
And a "non-docker" solution.
Thanks to anyone.

There's no way to scrape epg data from Tubi other than map it with Channels data so....yeah...

Linking this here as there is now a docker set-up (thanks to @joagomez ) for Tubi live streams AND it provides EPG data.