Is there a URL that will open a specific channel in full screen?

Is there a URL I can put in a browser to begin viewing a channel in full screen mode?

I tried doing it through VLC, but it had issues with buffering, etc, but if I play through the web app on the server, it's all good. But I need to be able to script it.

Not that will open a web browser.

The raw stream is http://X.X.X.X:8089/devices/ANY/channels/###/stream.mpg, substituting your server's IP address and the channel number you want to tune.

For more, see this thread:

We neeeeed this.

I’ll work on this soon.


That would be spectacular!

That is the URL I am using through VLC, and while it works, it's not great.

You can set the transcode settings you want to use in the web UI, and use the /hls endpoint instead of the /stream.mpg. But if getting the straight transport stream from your DVR server is fraught with buffering problems, it sounds like you might have some other network issues outside of Channels that are causing problems.

Haven't revisited this since last year, but I did a lot of experimenting with VLC.

How do you quote on this forum? I must be blind!

I'm the network admin for the office, so I will take a look at where everything is plugged in. I think they are on the same physical switch, and I know they are on the same VLAN. But I will verify. At worst, the server may be plugged into the core switch (Cisco 4506E), which is directly connected to the switch the client is plugged into. But I will verify. do you quote!!!??? I am so blind.

Highlight what you want to quote... simple. Thanks!

It definitely works a little different than any other forum I have ever visited but not in a bad way, just different.

yep. I looked everywhere for a button!

Now that I have hi-jacked my own thread, I suppose I should get back to work!

I doubt that VLANs will be an issue. My DVR is on one VLAN, and my streaming clients are all on another. Half of the computers are on the same VLAN as the DVR, but the others are in yet a different VLAN. Never once had I experienced a problem with buffering, regardless of whether they were wired or wireless.

But are you playing through VLC with the URL, or a Channels client (or web app)? It almost plays flawless, but every once in a while I will see glitches. about every 10-20 seconds or so. But again, plays back great through the clients/server.

Through mpv or Celluloid usually. (I use a script to open a player with a passed channel number when working at my desk.)

I'll have to give them a try. I have actually never heard of them.

Ah...they look to be linux apps. I use Linux, but not for this particular project.

For now you can install a browser extension which will play the m3u natively in the browser. I use this in one of my Home Assistant screens where clicking a channel opens that live stream in a new tab.

This has now been addressed; see this thread:

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