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I have the following work flow: TVE->TVHEADEND->TVRProxy->Plex. The server that hosts the DVR Channels application has a nvidia P2000 for transcoding. DVR Channel streams are accessible through the .m3u feed. Is there an http/hls feed that Plex could ingest directly?

  1. http://${DVR_IP_ADDRESS}:8089/devices/ANY/channels/${TVE_CHANNEL_NUMBER}/hls
  2. http://${DVR_IP_ADDRESS}:8089/devices/TVE-${PROVIDER}/channels.m3u

The first will give you an HLS stream of the requested channel. The second is playlist of all of TVE channels available on that provider.

(Note: Thanks Aman for fixing the hls typo ... Stupid iOS autocorrect.)


Building on that I also found:

When I accessed the hls or m3u url's remuxing or transcoding was being engaged. If you accessed the stream.mpg, it was not.

I tried with stream.mpg and it loads faster. Now have to figure out to get playlist with channels with http://${DVR_IP_ADDRESS}:8089/devices/TVE-${PROVIDER}/channels/${TVE_CHANNEL_NUMBER}/stream.mpg format.

curl http://${IP_OF_DVR}:8089/devices/TVE-${PROVIDER}/channels.m3u | sed -e 's:hls/master.m3u8?:stream.mpg:g' > playlist.m3u

That will do what you're looking for and save it as playlist.m3u in your current working directory.

Great to hear. I only found the .mpg, when I noticed that if I accessed the stream on my iPhone through the app, no transcoding was happening. I turned on http logs and saw the stream.mpg.. and went ah. The .mpg does definitely load faster and seems more stable. I am feeding the streams into plex, but still get occasional recording failures when the stream burps... haven't found a way past that yet.


The issue with transcoding should be fixed in the latest DVR pre-release. You can click-and-hold on Check for Updates on the DVR to update to it.

If it is still transcoding, you can use /channels.m3u?codec=copy to ensure that it doesn't transcode.

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Is it expected to see "remux" when accessing the hls url via VLC?

Could be. Depends upon the source, and any other parameters you have passed. Are you seeing transcoding?

Where do you get guide data to input into TVH/Plex? Do you just pick a random egg and then manually assign channels to it in Plex and ignore it in TVH?

Schedules Direct

Same question applies, do you just pick a random EPG and map it, since nothing will match directly, or painfully go through and find the channels (for me some are east coast, some west, etc) and build a guide in SD, and then use XMLTV export in TVH to Plex?

I have a direct schedules account. Using EPG123, I create a custom guide as close as I can, and then have plex import that.

Schedules Direct allows you to have multiple lineups (I believe the limit is 5). So, you use a client app—I personally prefer tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite, others on Windows seem to prefer EPG123—to setup your lineups and channels, and then it will export an XMLTV file that you can use with Tvheadend or Plex.

(If you plan on pursuing that avenue, your best option is asking in the forum for the appropriate app.)

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I haven't tried in several years, but SD didn't play well with Plex back in the day (they modified some fields from standard Gracenote that Plex didn't understand) but it'd be worth trying again. What about the channels that have no guide data, because they are online only? I guess there's just nothing for them..