Is there a way to control the Raspberry Pi 4 case fan speed in the Channels DVR server?

Only way I could get a RPi4 to use for my Channels DVR server was to get a starter pack from The PieHut which came with the official Raspberry Pi case. It’s completely plastic and awful for heat, so I got some heat sinks and the case fan to go along with it for a negligible amount of money, and it does the job of keeping the RP4 at around 40 C. Issue is that the fan is always on and the noise is grating. In the standard Raspberry Pi OS, controlling the temp at which the fan comes on and off is pretty simple. Is there a way to do this in the misc utility image OS that I installed instead of the standard RPi OS?

I know the easy solution is to just get a better case, and the Flirc is super inexpensive, but if I can make what I already have functional without driving me insane, that would be awesome.

Can you link the setup instructions for that case/fan and raspberry pi os?

Sure. Here’s a YouTube video of how it’s all supposed to work: Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan and Heatsink Review Is It Worth $5.00 - YouTube