Is there a way to export your sources?

I'm moving from a mac mini to a Synology Nas...I got everything set up but I don't have the sources I have compiled and bartered for over the years. Is there a way to export the sources from the mac mini and load them into the NAS before I uninstall?

Not quite sure what you're referring to, but if you follow the backup/restore procedure all your settings and data will transfer over.

If you mean imported local content, no. You have to re-import them on the nas.

I think the OP is referring to myriad TVE logins belonging to "friends" and "family" configured on their DVR.

As Aman mentioned, if you restore from a backup then already configured sources should come in without need to re-login.

for some reason I can't find where to restore from backup...i think I passed there a way to get it back if you passed the welcome screen?


thank long does it take to restore?

It should completely immediately unless there is an error. Refresh browser and check Settings > Support > Logs?

Also make sure you update to prerelease before restore if you were using prerelease features on the old DVR.

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awesome thank you!