Is there a way to skip thru guide data a day at a time?

I have tried all the buttons on my Shield TV remote but only the right and left buttons move the guide for me. And there is no pick-list that I can see like the Web Client has for days or time frames.

Scrolling right is almost good, although right now it seems to stop randomly and cannot go forward anymore like its hung. If I go back to the start its sometimes allowing me to go a bit further. As in today is Tuesday, it has been getting stuck on Friday. Then occasionally lets me get to the following Monday, and then maybe after trying over and over lets me get 9 days ahead. But the DVR Web client has 14 days available that I can go to.

Has anyone figured out a way to go one day forward in the guide with a single click in the client?

does not exist.

Bummer!! That's something we use all the time in Sage. Its too bad there isn't a way to extend functionality like the Sage Plugins. I see there is an API documented. But I see no way to integrate that into our clients. Or is there?


Not on the client but if I want to set up recording well into the future I use the Admin Page on the web. That is the This lets you pick days and times and set them to record.

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Its already very simple in the web interface, the pull down has ever day listed that's currently in the guide and an hours pull down. But my wife won't use the web interface. nor do I think she should.
We need to remember the WAF! Most of these things should be in the client! Our sage dvr had these types of user things 20 years ago. If someone would build new clients for the free sagetv dvr I wouldn't be testing Channels to see if the WAF can be achieved. Sagetv was fully featured since I first moved to it in back in 2006, and the WAF kept getting better every year. When they added the Plugin Repository the sky was the limit. No one is maintaining a client anymore. You need to either use some extremely old STB's or the abandoned Android Client.

Nothing beats the SageTV Client UI's as far a full function UI. Everything you can do in the Channels DVR Web UI Advance passes; you can do with your remote at your TV using SageTV.

And scads more! All with the remote.

No idea why this is not a thing.

Android/Google TV here, Nvidia Shield 2017 and 2019 as well as a couple of Sony TV's in the UK here.

Coming up for renewal and £80 GBP is a lot of cash to think about handing out again.

Scrolling through the guide inevitibly results in blank spaces in the EPG as they haven't filled in plus the times of the shows get messed up. And then the long wait to exit as the guide slowly scrolls back to the current day!

Bizzarre for an app such as this.