Is there any equivalent of HDHome Run but for satelite?

It would be nice to have Channels support not only for OTA but for satelite transmission.

According to Silicon Dust they don't have any models that work with satellite.

You could use TVHeadend or SAT>IP m3u8 with Telly. See Channels DVR + Xteve / Telly

xTeve from what I read seems like hacky stuff to get shady IPTV streams

Which is really shame. Lot of people doesn't like operators' boxes that are slow and have clunky UI (perhaps the only exception is Sky Q)

In the United States, Cable providers (and certain fiber providers like Fios) are required by law to provide CableCARDs that support third-party devices like TiVo and HDHomeRun.

Other TV providers, including satellite TV services and non-QAM fiber providers like Google Fiber, are not required to do this. So they don't, and they likely never will.